Why No! No! Hair Removal Works

by admin on August 25, 2010

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No! No! Hair removal is a gadget that can help you achieve the results of a shaver and laser hair treatment in one.  Why?  Because with the No! No! hair removal technology, you just glide the gadget over your skin in an even manner and the visible hairs are cut, just like a shaver.  However, due to its thermicon effect, heat is dissipated down to the hair root causing it to die.  Thus, with consistent usage of the gadget, in four to six weeks, there is a noticeable slowing of hair growth.  Based on trials, as much as 94% of hair growth have slowed down or have completely failed to grow.  Now that is what you call a real deal.

How No! No! Works

No! No1 hair removal is backed by the latest innovation called thermicon effect.  This is based on the scientific theories of heat transfer.   These principles are incorporated into the no! no! hair removal gadget through a patented thermodynamic wire, which will conduct a gentle heat towards the hair root.  Since it is patented, you don’t have to worry about its safety and efficacy.

So, how effective is this thermicon effect?  The first action when you glide the gadget over your skin is it cuts the hair shaft that is visible.  Then it pulsates a gentle heat towards the hair root, which in turns stiffens the remainng hair just beneath the dermis.  This somehow results to the prickly surface of the skin, which is remedied by buffing.   Due to the heat conducted by the gadget, eventually the hair root dies after weeks of constant use and this is the reason why less and less hair are growing.

How to use the No! No! Hair Removal

There are three simple steps to remember in using the no! no! hair removal gadget effectively and these are: glide, buff and moisturize.  The first step is to glide the gadget over the skin evenly.  You do not have to worry about getting burn or get scraped by the gadget.  During this phase, all the superficial hair is cut.  In buffing, you just have to use the no! no! polishing buffer pads in order to get rid of the crystallized hair just below the dermis that is causing the skin roughness.  Lastly, you need to moisturize your skin after buffing, the no! no! smooth hair growth inhibitor is recommended to further delay the growth of hair.  You need to moisturize in order to pamper your skin after the buffing.

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